What is Notcoin, the rarely supported by both Binance and OKX?
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1. Project Introduction

Notcoin is a click-based game on Telegram, very popular and built on the TON blockchain, known for its simple gameplay and the promise of actual cryptocurrency rewards.

In the game, players need to periodically click a token icon while capturing rockets to accelerate upgrades. The gameplay is not limited to single clicks but includes team cooperation, scoring leagues, energy management, and referral rewards. Furthermore, Notcoin also has an “earn” system where players can earn Notcoin by completing advertising tasks. Players can speed up the collection of coins through various boosts, such as full energy boosts and multi-click boosts.

Since its launch on January 1, 2024, it has surged in popularity, with over 30 million participants and an average daily active user count of 5 million, making it the fifth-ranked channel on Telegram.

2. How It Works

1. Game Access and Start: Players can access the Notcoin game via the Telegram app. The basis of the game is the clicking interface, where players accumulate Notcoin by clicking on the coin displayed on the screen, the virtual currency of the game.

2. Energy Limitations: Click actions are limited by an energy bar. Each click consumes energy, which gradually recovers when players pause their activity. This adds a strategic element as players need to manage their energy usage to optimize clicking.

3. Boosts and Upgrades: Players can earn or purchase boosts in-game, which temporarily increase their click efficiency or rapidly restore energy. These include full energy recovery, acceleration, and multiple clicks.

4. Social and Promotion Mechanisms: Notcoin encourages players to share the game with friends via invitation links, which can increase their Notcoin earnings. Additionally, participants can receive extra rewards by achieving certain milestones or joining specific groups.

5. Currency Exchange and Future: Although Notcoin is virtual, the project team has launched the NOT token to convert Notcoin into real cryptocurrency.

6. Simplified Crypto System Launch: A key goal of Notcoin is to simplify the token issuance process, reducing the risk of manipulation by crypto whales and social media influencers, thereby fairly distributing tokens to community members.

3. Game Mechanics

1. Clicking Coins: The main activity in the game is to click on coins that appear on the screen. Each click earns you Notcoin, the virtual currency in the game. Occasionally, a rocket icon appears on the screen, and clicking it accelerates your upgrade process as it provides a temporary boost in speed.

2. Squads: Players can form teams to mine Notcoin together. Joining a squad gives you a bonus. Moreover, squad features might be expanded to add more interactive and cooperative elements.

3. Leagues: There are five levels of leagues in the game: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. When you reach a certain threshold of points, you automatically advance to a higher league and receive rewards. Notably, league points are different from your total coin balance: they only account for the number of your clicks.

4. Friends (Frens): Invite friends to join the game and earn coins. The higher your referee’s score, the more rewards you receive. If your referee has a premium Telegram account, the rewards increase significantly.

5. Earn: This is a monetization system. There are several advertising tasks here. Completing each task earns you Notcoin. Users need to subscribe to crypto channels, test websites, games, etc. Some tasks might only require your time, while others may require you to have at least 7 TON in your Telegram wallet. To top up coins in your wallet, click the button to proceed.

Earning a significant amount of Notcoin in the game is not limited to just clicking on coins. Here are some cheats that, by using different boosts, can significantly increase your coin mining speed:

Full Energy: This is a free boost that restores your energy. It refreshes daily, helping you maintain longer clicking activities.

Turbo: When activated, a rocket appears next to the coin. Clicking on the rocket increases the number of coins you mine and does not consume energy during the turbo effect. This boost is also free and refreshes every 24 hours.

Multitap: As you level up, the number of coins you earn per click increases. For example, at level 10, you can mine 10 Notcoin per click.

Energy Limit: This indicates the amount of Notcoin you can mine at one time. Each upgrade increases your energy limit by 500.

Recharging Speed: This boost increases the speed at which your energy recovers, allowing you to continue clicking and mining faster.

Auto Tap Bot: This is one of the most important boosts, which mines coins automatically while you are offline. It can work for up to 12 hours total. Afterwards, you need to enter the app and collect the mined coins.

4. NOT

The Notcoin (NOT) token is a community-based project designed to guide users into the world of Web3 through a simple “Tap-to-Earn” mechanism. This token was initially launched on Binance Launchpool, allowing users to mine NOT tokens by staking BNB and FDUSD.

Here are the main details about the Notcoin token:

Staking and Mining: Users can stake BNB and FDUSD in designated pools to mine NOT tokens over a period of three days. This process will start on May 13, 2024, and continue until May 15, 2024.

Token Supply: The maximum supply of NOT tokens is 102,719,221,714, with 3% of the tokens (3,081,576,651 tokens) allocated as rewards for the Binance Launchpool.

Market Listing: Binance plans to list the NOT token on May 16, 2024, and open trading pairs with BTC, USDT, BNB, FDUSD, and TRY.

Smart Contracts and KYC: Participants need to complete KYC verification, with a staking cap of 3,637,972 NOT per hour.

Ongoing Airdrops: After the initial airdrop, more tokens will continue to be airdropped to users, which may cause token price fluctuations.

Notcoin co-founder Sasha Plotvinov describes this launch as an experiment in token distribution. Notcoin hopes its gamified token distribution approach will offer a fairer and more direct way to acquire tokens. Since the token is intended for use only by those playing within the app, Plotvinov hopes the project will reward TON Foundation members in a fun way. The specific distribution ratios of NOT tokens are currently unknown.

The launch of the Notcoin token is a significant event, marking the beginning of a new cryptocurrency project and showcasing a new form of community-driven participation. By distributing tokens through simple gamification mechanics, Notcoin aims to establish a fairer way of acquiring tokens.

5. Project Evaluation

5.1 Industry Analysis

Notcoin is part of the GameFi sector, an innovative blend of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and gaming mechanics designed to offer financial value through gamified experiences.

Similar projects include:

1. Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is one of the most well-known GameFi projects, allowing players to earn tokens by breeding, battling, and trading blockchain-based creatures called Axies.

2. Decentraland:

Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual world where users can buy, sell, or develop their virtual land. It integrates gaming, art, and commerce activities on a decentralized platform.

3. The Sandbox:

The Sandbox is another virtual world that provides opportunities to create, own, and monetize gaming experiences and virtual assets. Users can engage in transactions and interactions on the platform using the SAND token.

5.2 Project Advantages

1. Gamification Combined with Financial Incentives:

Notcoin engages users by allowing them to earn virtual currency through gamified activities like click mining, which increases participation and loyalty by combining fun with incentives.

2. Large User Base:

Notcoin boasts a strong user base and has received positive support from influencers, showing promising prospects.

3. Broad Exchange Support:

According to information from YouTube videos, Notcoin will be listed on several well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, such as OKX, MEXC, Buybit, Kucoin, BingX, and Gate.io. This extensive market access provides Notcoin with high liquidity and visibility.

Notcoin has received public support from TOP and the TON Foundation, adding significant legitimacy to the project. TOP and the TON Foundation are serious and recognized organizations in the blockchain ecosystem, providing a solid foundation for Notcoin’s reliability and future development.

4. Community-Driven and Decentralized:

Notcoin’s token economy strategy includes renouncing ownership and a 0% transaction tax, emphasizing its commitment to full openness and decentralization. This can enhance investor confidence in the project’s transparency and fairness.

5. Code Openness and Transparency:

Notcoin’s game code is open, allowing developers to audit its operational mechanisms. This transparency greatly reduces the risk of fraud and enhances community trust.

5.3 Project Shortcomings

1. Early Stage of the Project:

According to available information, Notcoin is still in an early stage of development, and its long-term success and sustainability remain to be proven. The future of the project largely depends on the execution ability of the development team and ongoing community support.

2. Highly Competitive Market:

As previously mentioned, GameFi is a highly competitive field with several established projects like Axie Infinity and Decentraland dominating the market. Notcoin needs to offer unique innovations or advantages to stand out in such a market.

3. Dependence on Cryptocurrency Market Fluctuations:

As a blockchain-based project, Notcoin’s success largely depends on the overall performance of the cryptocurrency market. The market’s volatility could impact the token value and stability of the project.

6. Conclusion

Overall, Notcoin is an innovative GameFi initiative that cleverly integrates blockchain technology with gamification elements, providing users with a fun and potentially profitable digital economic environment. With strong community support and open code audits, Notcoin has not only enhanced the transparency of the project but has also quickly attracted a large number of players globally. Despite facing high competition and market volatility, Notcoin has demonstrated significant potential and is poised to carve out a niche in the cryptocurrency gaming industry.

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