Weekly Project Updates: Opensea Unveils Seaport Hooks, etc
Colin Wu . 2024-03-23 . Data

1. OpenSea Unveils Next-Generation NFT Marketplace Protocol, Seaport 1.6 link

OpenSea has announced the launch of the next-generation NFT marketplace protocol Seaport 1.6 within the EVM ecosystem, introducing a new feature called Seaport hooks enabled by the recent Ethereum Dencun upgrade. Similar to Uniswap v4 hooks, Seaport hooks enable developers to build scalable applications for NFT utility and liquidity. The first Seaport hook application is expected to be launched in April.

2. Worldcoin Announces Implementation of Individual Data Self-Custody link

Worldcoin has announced the implementation of Personal Custody, which entails that information generated by orb during the World ID verification process (including images, metadata, and derived data) will be stored on users’ devices. Users will have control over this information, enabling them to delete or encrypt it. Worldcoin has faced scrutiny from various government agencies due to privacy concerns.

Previously, Worldcoin disclosed information regarding its operations and compliance, stating that its design complies with all laws and regulations regarding data collection, management, and transmission. It also pledged to open-source its components and affirmed that it will not sell, purchase, or exchange biometric data. The iris biometric identification technology is solely used for verifying individual World IDs, with user consent being required prior to verification. Additionally, Worldcoin does not allow minors to join.

3. Base On-Chain DEX Records Historic High Trading Volume link

According to DeFiLlama data, there has been a surge in Base Memecoin frenzy. On March 20th, the trading volume on Base chain’s decentralized exchanges (DEX) increased by 53% to $359 million, reaching an all-time high, with Uniswap accounting for approximately 76% of the total volume. Additionally, data from @SixdegreeLab’s dashboard indicates that daily Gas usage on the Base chain reached 478.24 ETH, setting a new record. The number of daily active addresses on the chain reached 464,000, with 129,600 new addresses, both of which are historical highs.

4. Friend Tech: No Need for Fundraising, Allocates VC Tokens to Community link

The social protocol Base’s venture Friend Tech tweeted that there is no need for fundraising and that they are allocating VC points to the community, with 100% of on-chain points being distributed to the community. Previously, Friend Tech stated that its investors had agreed to waive their rights to sell tokens to users, and the tokens would be controlled by the users. Friend Tech completed a seed funding round with participation from Paradigm in August last year. According to Whale Market data, the current OTC price of Friend Tech points is approaching $5, with an average purchase price of $0.9644 and an average selling price of $1.85.

5. Ether Fi Airdrop Opens on March 18, Releasing 11% Token Supply in Two Phases link

The decentralized liquidity staking protocol Ether Fi has announced that the airdrop claim window will open at 9:00 PM Beijing time on March 18, 2024. Any eligible airdrop recipients can claim their ETHFI tokens within 90 days. The first phase of the airdrop, named “Season 1,” will release 6% of the total token supply, while the second phase will release 5%. All tokens will be distributed by the end of 2030. Prior to this announcement, Binance’s website displayed a total supply of 1 billion ETHFI tokens, with a circulating supply of 115 million tokens after listing.

6. Immutable and Polygon Labs to Collaborate in Establishing a $100 Million Gaming Fund link

The Web3 game developer platform Immutable and Polygon Labs have announced a collaboration to establish a $100 million fund named Inevitable Games Fund (IGF). The investment process will be managed by venture capital firm King River Capital, and the fund will be utilized to support game studios and Web3 infrastructure companies. According to the press release, blockchain game-related funding rounds reached $1.7 billion in 2023, with a significant portion flowing into over 270 blockchain games currently under development on Immutable.

7. JUP DAO Injects 10 Million USDC and 100 Million JUP to Accelerate Jupiverse Growth link

JUP DAO is set to officially inject 10 million USDC (for operational funds) and 100 million JUP tokens next week. The funds will be transferred to a separate DAO wallet. The 10 million USDC will originate from revenue, while the 100 million JUP tokens will come from community allocations. This move will enable the DAO to engage in public goods funding and fulfill its mission of developing Jupiverse.

8. Solana Memecoin Project Slerf Claims Accidental Deletion of LP and Airdrop Tokens link

On March 18th, the Solana Memecoin project Slerf announced that due to inadvertent actions, all LP and airdrop tokens were accidentally destroyed, and since the minting permission had been revoked, new tokens could not be minted. This implies that presale investors will not receive tokens and will not be able to get SOL refunds. Slerf (HdENn8…HgNAsF) raised over 50,000 SOL, exceeding $10 million. On-chain data shows that the intended 500 million SLERF tokens for presale airdrop were burned by HdENn8…HgNAsF. After its fundraising was destroyed, Slerf unexpectedly saw a tremendous surge. On March 19th, Slerf surpassed BOME in market value, becoming the eighth largest MEMECOIN with a valuation of $612 million.

On March 19th, Slerf collaborated with LBank exchange to launch a donation campaign to compensate all participants in the Slerf private sale. After Slerf and the LBank team initiated donations to users who participated in Slerf’s private sale, nearly 4,000 SOL was raised within 24 hours. According to on-chain data, 3,800 SOL has been successfully refunded, with the recipients being small-scale users who participated early in the Slerf fundraising. On March 21st, Slerf announced plans to airdrop Soul-Bound NFTs to the wallets of affected presale participants and refund contributors.

9. Floki Developers Plan to Offer Regulated Digital Banking Accounts for Users link

The Floki developers are planning to offer users regulated digital banking accounts for financing using the FLOKI token, with transactions conducted in USD, EUR, and GBP. The project also includes plans for debit cards and collateral services, with convenience for accounts facilitated through partnerships with licensed entities in Canada, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

10. CZ Set to Launch New Educational Initiative link

CZ has announced the launch of a new project called GiggleAcademy via Twitter. The project aims to provide free foundational education for all individuals, spanning approximately from first grade to twelfth grade, and will operate without any sources of income. GiggleAcademy will employ gamified and adaptive learning methods, although the project logo has not yet been revealed. CZ mentioned in the announcement that interested parties can review the concept document for GiggleAcademy, and the project is currently recruiting team members who will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with CZ.

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