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Colin Wu . 2023-03-28 . Data
Author: @0xMavWisdom

The day after the Arbitrum airdrop, zkSync, another Layer 2 project jokingly referred to as the Big Four, officially released its V2 network, zkSync Era. Although zkSync officials emphasized that the initial release of Era would not come with Token and that it might take an expected year or so to decentralize the network, this did not dampen users’ enthusiasm for the potential wealth effect of the airdrop. In the days following the official opening to users, there was an influx of funds into zkSync Era. According to Dune Analytics, in less than three days since zkSync Era was launched, more than 64,000 unique wallets and over 12,000 ETH have been bridged from Ethereum to zkSync Era.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the dAPPs that are currently live on the zkSync Era mainnet to help you better understand the network ecosystem and enable interactions.



Orbiter Finance(

Orbiter Finance is a third-party bridge that supports cross-chaining on the zkSync network and has not yet issued Token. Unlike official bridges that do not yet support cross-chain transfers between zkSync Lite and Era, Orbiter supports cross-chain transfers not only between Ethereum, zkSync Lite and Era, but also between dozens of public chains such as Polygon, Arbitrum One/Nova, Loopring and zkSync Era. When a user cross-chains, Orbiter charges the user a fee that includes the transaction and a withholding of Gas.

However, due to the recent traffic surge and RPC node limitations, Orbiter has indicated that the current zkSync Era cross-chain service will be prioritized for Orbiter-ZK-Pilots users (i.e., those who have recently used zkSync Lite for cross-chain), and will be opened to all users in the future when the network is secure and stable.


Mute is one of the first DEX platforms on zkSync Era and is currently available as MUTE Token. Users can use the platform for swap, liquidity provide, Amplifier, bonds, and DAO governance functions. Mute currently supports swap and liquidity provide for over a dozen assets such as ETH, USDC, MUTE, WETH, and ZKDOGE. Through Amplifier, users can also restake LP Token for higher APY, while Amplifier APY is primarily incentivized by platform fee income with a pool of LP determined by the team and DAO.

Bonds are an innovative feature of Mute, borrowed from the OlympusDAO mechanism, which allows users to trade MUTE/ETH LP with the Mute DAO to receive MUTE Token at a discount. Through bonds, the Mute DAO is able to increase the liquidity owned by the protocol and to increase revenue and liquidity. However, the dMUTE acquired by the user has a 7-day lock-in period, after which it will be redeemable for MUTE. In addition, users are required to lock in their MUTE to participate in DAO governance and can choose a maximum lock-in period of 364 days to receive different shares of governance. Currently Mute has over 180,000 MUTE locked up, with a platform TVL of over $270,000 and a single day of trading volume of over $7 million on March 25.


SyncSwap is one of the first DEX on zkSync Era, allowing users to swap and liquidity provide on SyncSwap, which currently supports swap in a variety of assets such as ETH, USDC, WETH, and 15 pairs of LP for liquidity provide. Currently SyncSwap has a TVL of over $1.6 million and is primarily focused on the USDC/ETH Pool, which currently offers over 100% APR. The Classic pool has a swap fee of 0.1%, with the liquidity provider capturing 0.07% and the protocol receiving 0.03% as revenue.

SpaceFi (

SpaceFi, a cross-chain Web3 platform connecting Cosmos and the Ethereum Layer2 ecosystem, has released the SPACE Token and currently integrates with the Evmos and ZkSync networks. On zkSync Era, users can swap ETH, USDC, WETH and other assets and provide liquidity on SpaceFi. There is a 0.3% fee for swapping with SpaceSwap, and officials say there is an incentive for users who participate in the Genesis LP pool. In addition to the basic DEX functionality, SpaceFi also includes several unreleased features such as FARM, NFT, SpaceBase, SpaceBridge, Launchpad and more, and says it will be operational as early as March 27th. is a multi-chain, one-stop DeFi platform offering order book trade, DEX, yield strategies, liquidity provide, internal Gas-free transfers, and cross-chain functionality. Users can deposit ETH to the platform for use via the zkSync Era network, which supports 6 public chains including Arbitrum and Polygon. Currently has launched DVF Token to participate in staking and governance, where the governance module covers a wide range of issues, from small swap fees, transfer fees, liquidity rewards, etc., to upgrading smart contracts, allocating funds from the treasury, minting new DVF Token, etc.

NFT Marketplace

Mint Square(

Mint Square is an NFT marketplace based on Ethereum L2 ZK Rollups, which has integrated StarkNet and zkSync Era networks. Users can upload mint, buy, sell and auction NFT in Mint Square. As of March 26, the top three NFT projects on Mint Square in terms of total volume are: zkApe, Mint Square Storefront, and zkSync Name Service.



zkApes is a metaverse project built on zkSync Era, whose NFTs have recently gone on sale. The total number of zkApes NFTs in the series is 9,999, with a total of 8,000 publicly minted at 0.08 ETH (limit 30 per wallet), with Whitelist and Presale being minted for free. As of March 26, nearly 3,400 zkApes NFTs have been minted.

zkApes has also established an Ecosystem Security Fund (ESF) of at least 100 ETH. When the zkApes NFT floor price falls below 0.08 ETH, a buyback mechanism will be activated. The current zkApes NFT floor price on Mint Squaer is 0.078 ETH, which is slightly below that level. According to the official documentation, zkApes NFT holders can receive zkSync future Tokens as zkSync ecosystem builders, zkSync Name Service (ZNS) airdrops, dynamic NFT (dNFT) airdrops, DEX (ApeX) revenue sharing, as zkApes DeFi system (ApesBank) collateral, zkApes arcade discounts, etc. However, at the moment zkApe is not yet live with the described ecosystem features. In addition, besides the DeFi module, the team will develop several metaverse related projects such as Game Arena and PTE.

It is easy to see that zkApe is quite ambitious to build a full ecosystem on zkSync Era, but with the current quality of NFT avatar, there is a long way to go.


ZKBoredApes is a community-driven ZKSync pixelated NFT project inspired by BAYC. The total number of NFT in the series is 10,000, with 150 attributes and over 1 million combination possibilities. However, ZKBoredApes is not yet open for public minting. According to Mint Square, there are currently 190 ZKBoredApes in circulation with a floor price of 0.098 ETH. According to the official roadmap, ZKBoredApes will launch BORED Token and NFT staking in the future.

Domain Name

zkSync Name Service(

zkSync Name Service, also known as zkSync ID, is a domain name service created by Star Protocol on the zkSync network to help users build their own on-chain DIDs. Currently, zkSync Name Service is only open for registration of domain names of four digits and above, and the registration fee for a year of four-digit domain names (including gas) is about 0.0571 ETH (about $102), and a year of five-digit domain names is 0.0043 ETH. As of March 26th, zkSync Name Service has over 9,400 domain names registered.

Currently, zkSync Era has a number of quality projects waiting to be launched on the test network, and it is foreseeable that in the near future, the zkSync Era on-chain ecosystem will blossom, not inferior to today’s Arbitrum and Optimism.

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